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As numerous new players are entering into the industry with aggressive business approaches and there is technological paradigm shift happening. At this stage, without having clear visionary goals and planning to achieve those with available resources, is become progressively challenging for companies to stay on the top and even in the list of preferred MTOs. This is where we come in as our team offers cost effective and time efficient outsourced remittance services, to eliminate all time-consuming and extensive procedures leaving you hassle-free. The reasons to associate with KQ Consultants for Remittance business development is the variety of services we provide such as:

  • Preparation of Business Plans and Strategies
  • Developing Remittance agent network by adding new Pay-in/ Pay-out agents.
  • Managing existing network/ outlet/ agent operations.
  • Developing and managing new and existing branch networks.
  • Developing and executing incentive programs for agents/ customers.
  • Training & development services for the agents.
  • Correspondence/ grievances management & record maintenance.
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On the other hand, outsourcing remittance responsibilities is a hassle-free alternative to arduous billing requirements.

  • Developing Remittance Agent Network by adding new Pay-in / Pay-out agents.
  • Managing existing network/outlet/Agents operations.
  • Development and management of new and existing branch network.
  • Developing and executing incentive programs for agents/ customers.
  • Training & Development of the agents.
  • Correspondence/grievances management & record maintenance.
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Our compliance services include assisting companies to attain authorisation that deliver regulated financial services, we manage their regulatory agreements and invest and engage their staff with concentrated and necessary compliance training. We understand and interpret the regulations to provide beneficial, practical advice and solutions that will work in favour for both your business and the regulator. Our compliance experts with several years of experience aid in minimalizing the regulatory burden, our capable team provide transparency and traceability plus deliver administration data that enables Higher Management to understand compliance associated risks more appropriately and aids in making compliance executive decisions. Our compliance consults offer several advantageous services such as:

  • Preparation of Significant Policies Including but not limited to – AML/CTF Manual, Data Protection Policy, Complaints Handling Policy, Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy, Fraud Prevention Guidelines.
  • Establishing Fraud detection and Prevention System for Online/Card Payments.
  • Preparation of Compliance Annual Plans.
  • Initial Compliance training of New Staff.
  • Refresher Compliance Trainings of Staff – General and/or Department Specific.
  • AML/CTF Training of Senior Manager/Country Managers/BOD.
  • Preparation and of Agent On‐boarding and Management Policy & Procedures in accordance with Applicable Regulations.
  • Agent’s Initial and On‐going Risk Assessment.
  • Agent’s Initial and Refresher Compliance trainings along with provision of Compliance material.
  • Review of Client On‐boarding Procedure / Review of Client Profiling in accordance with local AML/CTF Regulations.
  • Establishment of Client Risk Profiling/Assessment.
  • Review/Preparation of Internal Control to Identify Suspicious Activities E.g. Link Transaction.
  • Management of Internal SARs and Submission of External SAR to FIUs.
  • Review/Establishment of Internal Controls to Cater Fraudulent activities – Online Payments – Strengthening Procedures to Identify and Freeze Fraudulent Funds.
  • Preparation and Timely submission of External Reports to Local/Host Regulators.
  • Providing assistance and/or Manage External Regulatory Scheduled/Non Scheduled Audits.
  • Independent Review of Compliance System and Controls.
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We have an experienced and dedicated technical team on board to support and operate any existing or to further develop and create, an array of software’s suitable and reliable for your company. Additional reasons to select KQ Consultants is not only is our team dependable, extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but also for the variability of services we provide such as:

  • Proprietary state-of-the art system.
  • Native Mobile App development.
  • Turnkey Solution development.
  • A proprietary, web-based application which facilitates secure, fast and highly reliable medium with a global reach.
  • Highly user-friendly software platform with almost zero-error dependability; agent doesn’t require any technical knowledge for operating.
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We are experts in a comprehensive range of sectors with our dedicated teams determined to deliver the finest customer service and experience. Having an advantage of being flexible and scalable, our team is always prepared. Together we’ll work with you to construct a detailed solution to target and achieve all your business requirements. Our services are divided into two distinct facilities we offer Call Centre Services for; Sales and Customer Service with a capable and skilful team in place for both.


In order for us to develop and increase revenue and income for your company we have a skilful team who firstly understand all aspects of the product to be able to sell and promote your product to its full potential.

Customer Service

Our enthusiastic customer service teams are flexible and are experienced at undertaking the most complex problems creating contingency plans to overcome all and every situation. Our agents are prepared to assist and advise all customers to be able to build strong client relationships and improve customer loyalty. Our enthusiastic customer service teams are flexible and are experienced at undertaking the most complex problems creating contingency plans to overcome all and every situation. Our agents are prepared to assist and advise all customers to be able to build strong client relationships and improve customer loyalty.

Additionally, we propose several call centre services and advantages such as:

  • A Multilingual Support team.
  • Multichannel call centre to contact customers.
  • Outbound Telemarketing and Telesales Campaigns with geographic numbers
  • Inbound/Outbound Marketing Approaches to Tailor client needs
  • Unlock Potential Opportunities by Connecting your Customers
  • Make calls to specified destinations with pre-approved database from our clients
  • Premium Services to double the count of customer interaction & conversion via inbound/outbound calls.
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We offer Backend support with our professionally qualified and skilled technicians to be able to implement approaches in delivering services such as, compliance monitoring, accounting, administration, communications data processing, data analysis and document handling. We remain thoroughly transparent in your regular operations to be able to build strong clientele relationships facilitating your company with the most efficient approach. Our backend services also include:

  • Forex trading, treasury and funds management on day to day basis
  • Dedicated team to handle queries from agents and Customers
  • Agent categorization and credit limit policy
  • Banking and recovery from agents to facilitate smooth operations
  • Managing your AML/CTF Program covering transaction monitoring and Risk Assessment
  • Transaction processing and coordination with business tie-ups
  • Handling of transaction amendments and cancellation inquires

Our services are flexible, systematized, cost-effective and cordially accessible.

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This service leaves your business and staff hassle-free as our experienced team take the responsibility of obtaining and communicating directly with your merchant provider, in obtaining all sales information which, we then utilise to help manage your business by collecting funds from the registered bank. In addition, we also assist in making payment transactions to the merchant with several accompanying services such as:

  • Payment Gateway/Merchant account set-up to enable the clients to process Debit/ Credit Card transactions.
  • Facilitation and support for acquiring bank accounts.
  • Corporate bank account formation needs for the new start up
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Bookkeeping alongside financial accounts management is a necessity for organizing administration accounts. As a business we strongly recommend this as it is an essential tool for companies, which should be prepared on a scheduled or monthly basis. This helps to maintain that all the paperwork is kept up to date and methodical. Our team consists of experienced and organized professionals that help monitor the progression and performance of your business alongside your expenses recording Debtors, Creditors Profit, Loss and Vat returns to be able to perceive the development your company is producing. Our team offers the following services:

  • Book keeping according to accepted accounting practices in UK and Europe
  • Preparation of UK and Europe financial statements according to their regulations
  • Preparation of financial plans and budgets.
  • Preparation of business financial review on monthly and quarterly
  • Co-ordination with audit firms for the financial audits.
  • Financial analysis and business performance review based on financial data
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Our creative department offers quality services for both emerging and established businesses, applying our expertise in significant areas of Branding, Digital Design & Marketing, Web & App applications to be able to evolve your business and to target your directed audience. Our highly talented and artistic designers work closely and strategically with your team from creating concepts to outcomes which create strong and successful visuals that are determined to succeed in the market. Our inventive designs offer the following services:

  • Graphic Design, Publishing and Distribution of Marketing Material.
  • Website designing and development.
  • Digital App Designing and development
  • Branding of agents/ branches and partners POS.
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